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This October was super-great and event packed. I loved it! ("I love it, love it, love it!") It had me exhausted and crashing at 9:30 but it was so worth it.

Off the hinge, Angelina said something like, "Wouldn't it be cool if we had a party for Jake's birthday?" I actually thought it was a good  idea -plus I knew planning something like this would give me something to do. I asked my mom what she thought and it was all go. Yay! We celebrate Jake's birthday on October 26th. That was the day he was adopted. It's more like an anniversary. When we took him to the vet for the first time for his shots and tags, the doctor said Jake looked to be around 1. Two years later with his new happy life in our family and -Jake's 3!

I invited my friends and family members who I know love and have dogs. It was wonderful; we had about 6 dogs there, 3 of them were Labs. They were all big dogs too, instead for little CeeCee, a Yorkie, who was dressed up lookin' fly. Shana and Audrey came with dogs Gershwin and Sasha, as long as my best buds Aaran and Sam with her little one Katelynn with their dog, Maggie. Meghan couldn't make it since she was out of town but DeeDee did and brought Marley and CeeCee.

We had the party outside at the park nearby for the dogs to roam and play. That morning Angelina was upset and crying because it was stormy and raining out. My mom and I were thinking of maybe needing to postpone the party but when it had come to the time for the party to start the weather had cleared up. Florida's such a spaz.

My mom made a dog cake out of peanut butter, frosted with yogurt and topped with fancy treats. Angelina and I made the goody bags for the dogs, filled with treats and toys my mom got at the dollar store. The  party itself didn't cost that much. Anyone can do it. We had contests for the dogs and I made the certificates  for the winners: Maggie won "Most Hyper", CeeCee won "Most Spoiled", Marley won "Best Drooler", Sasha won "Fastest Eater" and Gershwin won "Most Lazy". Iris couldn't bring her dog, Peco because he was too old (he's 14) but he did win "Oldest & Wisest". Also Audrey couldn't bring her dog, Bailey but he did end up winning the photo contest everyone voted on, so as long as his winner certificate we also gave Audrey a big bone to give him at home to enjoy.

The party was a lot of fun. We took a lot of pictures. We were all so tired at home afterwards -Jake included.

The next week was Halloween which was a lot of fun. I got the idea to go as Britney Spears. It suddenly came to me two days before the holiday but it was all good. I used the blonde wig I wore for my Elle Driver costume years ago back in Halloween 2004 (Iris was Go-Go). It's super matted now which was perfect. (You would think with all that money Britney would own a brush.) Being Brit calls for a lot of props; I had one of Angelina's baby dolls, who played lil Jaden James, big sunglasses, and a Starbucks cup, y'all!

I always loved Halloween and I was excited because this was the first time in 3 years I was able to dress up.Angelina's costume was a pirate and Aaran came over as Burqa Betty dressed in a burqa with hot pink heels. Just watching him walk in those shoes was hysterical. Unfortunately our get together didn't last that long since I wasn't feeling well and he had schoolwork.

Pablo Pumpkin & Friends

There are a lot more on my Facebook. All the pics from Jake's party are on my Facebook too.

It doesn't stop here either, I'm going to Katelynn's 2nd birthday this Saturday. Sam was pressuring me to go and I thought, "Why not?" Sam is one of my best and oldest friends. I love that girl, as well as her. little girl. I want to be there and I will.

During the week I have been working on my mom's PowerPoint presentation for her environmental science class on...Recycling! BORING! I never have used PowerPoint before so it's keeping me busy and stressing. Anything's better than watching TV though; I seriously want to do it.

My dad turned 50! in September. Some of the family came over and my mom was worried that I'd be overwhelmed but I wasn't. I liked seeing everyone. Meghan was there and it was great (like always) because we can just talk in sign language. It's fun, fast and effortless. Jamie couldn't make it  -because he's a loser- but sent my dad a video with his birthday greetings. It was sweet although I had no idea what was being said. I know my dad misses his son.We got him a custom cake for his 50th that had a cigar and weights. Looked tasty.

While watching the video for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" my sister and I questioned if Dave Grohl used his hair to bang on the drums rather than drumsticks. That's a thinker.