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Aaran came by this weekend. We did classy things like drink beer and play Mortal Kombat. Angelina hung out with us. Girl is a prodigy; a natural born killer of sorts. I should ask her about her head-splitting headache though. I noticed Aaran talked more to my parents between digital killings who would pass by, and barely spoke with me. It hurt because we are suppose to be friends and can't even communicate with each other. It's situations like these that remind me that I'm a deaf person living in a hearing world.

My deafness had recently slipped by mind since Meghan has been the one stopping by lately and we girl talk and gossip in sign language. We don't need a translator or to write things out. There is no barrier. It's like it's always been, an actual conversation amongst two friends Everyone in my home speaks to me in sign, even Jamie who visited on Christmas and Latoya who's with me during the day. Not a lot just basic stuff like the alphabet and the things I say everyday like "Angelina", "computer", and "giant gumball machine". I'm also speaking much more. I haven't "felt deaf" in the past few weeks.

Honestly, I'm tired of writing of everything I'm saying on that dry-erase board. I'm not a court reporter; learn sign language. It's hard for me to control the marker with my left hand when I'm right handed. Plus, the writing is sloppy. I have OCD; I need neatness. I've been deaf for 5 years now, what did you expect? (What do I expect?) Yet, Aaran's very sweet and thoughtful and the only one out of all my friends who got me a Christmas present, but my love don't cost a thing.

I hate how my hearing loss has hindred my relationships with people.

Christmas was okay. Tia and the boys came over. Kevin looked miserable the entire time, just sat in a chair on a iPod frowning and never once looked up. Certainly not the most wonderful tme of the year. But Meghan and Deedee came by with a mega-cupcake earlier and I always love seeing them.

Jamie was in town for a few days and it was great. I get so lonely here. I need my brother. I got him a box of Zebra Cakes and Angelina a box of Pop Tarts since I'm low on funds and both are crazy delicious. (Sidenote: Can you believe Angelina's never had a Twinkie?! What a disgrace to a child her age! -or to anyone, for that matter. This gives me an idea for next year.)

Eva made and mailed me a Christmas card. It was from Prince and on the front had the picture of him on the cover of LoveSexy. It was hysterical. I had no idea. When my mom said I had gotten something in the mail, I had a confused response like Chris Farley being told his coffee had Colombian decaffinated crystals, "Wha?" Truly brightened up my day.

New Year's Day was spent playing Just Dance and Password.

...and amongst that, Tobey Toshiba died. He will be missed as well as the Desktop Wallpaper I had all these years.