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A Bowl, A Medal and A Blog


Angelina, my dad, I and of course, Jake went to Dog Bowl V at TY park today. We were kinda late, and by the time we showed up all the games and contests had ended. It was still such a gorgeous day to be outside though. There were a bunch of dogs there, from a big pit bull in a studded collar to a tiny dash hound in a mini tee. It all made Jake very excited resulting in many tangled leashes and lots of butt-sniffing. We went around seeing the booths and ended up getting Jake 2 new bandanas; 1 Miami Heat one and 1 with flames because he’s a hottie, duh. It was all really nice. I hope to go and get there earlier next year.

This morning my mom ran the Miami Marathon, for herself as a runner and also to fundraise for NF. She raised a total of $1,864. She has been working so hard and training almost 5 times a week. My dad and brother tagged along to see the race. They all had to leave the house at 4am meaning Latoya needed to show up pretty early. Things get crazy when I’m asleep! But my mommy made it home before noon with a big smile, frizzy hair, and a snazzy new medal. I’m very proud. <3

Jamie has been home since Thursday since he has tickets to a Heat game down here tomorrow. Nothing comes between Jamie and the NBA. Dude is a hardcore fanatic. His girlfriend Dani, her mother and grandma came over for dinner Saturday night. Every time I see her she reminds me of Sloane from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I guess this makes Jamie Ferris, which makes me Ferris's sister. Ew! I end up making out with Charlie Sheen! Then again, who hasn't? Oh my God, I just got stabbed!

I saw Sammy and Baby Toddler Kate last week. We all had a fun time. It was nice to see how comfortable Katelynn is with all of us, even me. She always a little scared of me before and understandably so, my face ain’t exactly child-friendly. But not this time. She was playing around with Jake, twirling  to Just Dance and chowing down chicken nuggets. Sam asked her, “How do dogs kiss?” and Katelynn started licking the air. It was adorable. Later Katelynn went in Angelina’s room to play Barbies, leaving me and Sam to talk AKA sign. (She took ASL a few years ago with me and Meghan at BCC) Then when it time to leave, Katelynn didn’t want to go –because this house is filled with pure awesomeness. I love the Simpson girls.

It’s been over 2 years but I finally updated Talk About Pop! It’s great to get back into the swing of things. The article I wrote isn’t even all that long but took me an entire day to write. I can only type with 2 fingers and although I’ve gotten pretty fast, I’m nowhere near as quick as I use to be. I’m a turtle here. Still it’s great to be back. I got tired of TV years ago.

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