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Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime

This Christmas I spent a good portion of the day covered in cookie crumbs. *

The happy times spent with my family during our low-key festivities help me remember as cursed as I sometimes feel through my on-going medical trials and tribulations, I am tremendously fortunate to have the caring, loving and funny support system that is Mom, Dad, Jamie and Angelina. I've always had such an amazingly unrealistic relationship with my parents and siblings. We're like a picturesqe family cut-out of some warped 1950's sitcom. It's all I've ever known, and for that I am truly blessed.

At the dinner table on Christmas Eve, Jamie and I reminisced over the holiday songs we'd sing as children on the Alpha Academy school buses. This one too.

Gift-wise, I pretty much got clothes- clothes that all had to be returned and exchanged the following day. I'm a few sizes smaller than last year. What fills my closet is absolutely useless. I've been left with wearing my mom's shorts and T's. I need to start dressing my age.

Aaran came by on the 24th with his presents. Not only did he drop off something for me, but he also brought along a Christmas gift for Angelina as well. She's a fanatical reader and adores dogs, and if there's anything she loves just as much, it's farts. So Fefa was right on the money when he got her the book, Walter the Farting Dog, along with a Walter plush toy... that actually farts.

Since Christmas morning, her and Walter have been inseparable. She carries him around with her everywhere she goes. When she's eating lunch at the kitchen table, Walter's right there beside her, farting.

What started off as a little project between me and the little sis one bored afternoon, spiraled into something the whole house got involved in. Even my dad wrote a small piece and his totally brings in the LOLs. It took me a couple of agonizing hours to put together on MS Word, but it was worth it. It's cute. So without any further ado

It doesn't take much to make me happy,
And this Christmas, I was pretty happy.

* Meghan, your gifts sure came in handy! Thanks again, Sofo. You're special. So special.

Christmas Eve-

These 2 are hardcore BFFs and even pass out together.

Christmas morning-

My presents to Jamie and Angelina. Gotta have that cowbell, baby

I got my dad a Law & Order mug, since feeling so guilty after accidentally breaking his favorite You're Fired mug during one of my daily tantrums last month while washing dishes. He was really sad about it. Luckily, the NBC store is out of Apprentice merch, because the good 'ol L&O is so much better.

Walter farting on Angelina

Jake's First Christmas